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Hii, I am Sangita Sutrave, your Money Manifestation Coach.

I’m on a mission to guide and support 100,000 Business Leaders to create Financial Abundance through Emotional Mastery and Mindfulness, thereby emerging the Best Version of oneself.

I am here to help you, "Manifest Your Money" exponentially backed up by science tools and techniques.

And I’m passionate to share the wisdom I learnt from all my mentors and coaches to create the abundant reality we want in very mindful and thoughtful ways.

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"Words can inspire.

And words can destroy. Choose yours well."

-Robin Sharma

Client Testimonials

In Love with Money and open for Abundance. Thank u so much Sangita for such wonderful session the process u initiated today was so thought provoking.

Thank u so much for this valuable 5 days of your time and followed by the healing workshop it was so genuine well structured step by step to understand ourself better and become conscious of our word thoughts action...

With lots of love

Wish to continue my journey with u on this path. In Gratitude and love. May u touch millions of lives through your teachings

Jeevani R

Powerful Illuminating Session by Sangita Sutrave. Participated in a life impacting experience on Sunday 17th Oct’2021. Sangita is phenomenal, she is empathy and compassion personified. Her well-structured training program, touched the deepest levels of my being, creating meaningful connections with mind, body and spirit; drawing out deeply buried potent feelings, creating an energetic release that was so balancing and liberating.

The Program enabled me to tap into the rich resources of my mind and past experiences as well as through the holistic exercises Sangita helped us with, for a brighter financial future. I see myself learning, growing and changing for the better.

So grateful to you Sangita. I had an enriching experience. Thank you so much. I am certain all who are fortunate to participate in your programs will experience a quantum shift for greater Peace, Power and Possibility. God Bless you.

Janet Anthony.

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